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"Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it."

Mark Twain

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   Current conditions

This map depicts the temperature, wind, humidity and visibility most recently observed by the Weather Underground service (right click on chart to choose which one to display). 

    Satellite Images

A satellite images show current cloud cover, with the white and grey areas representing clouds. Right click on the image to see if there are some more detailed images available. Find out how to read this map here. Good quality satellite images are hard to find these days ;-) If you know any good source of  satellite images please, let me know! 


Right clicking on chart you can choose between precipitation, winds, high temperatures and low temperatures forecasts by The Weather Channel. Advanced 3-day forecast is available only for Europe. It requires IQ slightly above average to understand all these plots, but it's definitely worth an effort.

   Area select

This button will recall Earth map so you can choose continent you're interested in. Click somewhere on the coloured areas on the globe. If you do not have DirectX installed on your system, or you encountered problems using this method of area selection forget that button and try "Select area" from tray icon menu. 

   Animation buttons

Sequential presentation of satellite images allows user to see the general trend of cloud movement over the past few hours. This can be especially helpful in understanding the movement of large storm systems.

   Find Forecast

If you are looking for a forecast for given town, type its name into the search box. There are three predefined Weather Services to choose from (right click on tray icon to select your favourite one). 

  Day/Night Map

Shows the day/night map of Earth, it can also display current (updated every three hours) cloud cover of whole world.   

Rarely used options are located at system tray icon:

Open: reopens program window(s) if minimized.

Delete images: downloaded satellite images are stored in separate directory on your hard disk. After, lets say, a month of  non-stop use of "Webmizzle" there can be over 700 files! You can delete them with this button (you will be asked for confirmation to prevent accidental deletion)

About Webmizzle: shows short program info.

Sticky windows: when checked both windows are "glued" together i.e. when you move the main window the other follows it.

Show tooltips: when checked it shows a little help balloon when the user moves the mouse pointer over certain program elements.

Language: allows you to choose between available languages. There is a simple way to add more languages. Language files are located inside "lang" folder. They're simple text files. You can create your own (you have to preserve line numbering), give it a descriptive name e.g. Deutsch.txt, and put it into "lang" folder. It should appear in the menus after next program start. If you create your own language file please send it to me so I can make it available for other users. Thank you.

Weather service: you can choose from three predefined weather services. I'd recommend Qwikcast.com.

Select area: I had several reports that "Area select" button (and the 3D globe) doesn't work as expected on certain systems. If it does not work for you use this menu item to choose area.

Exit: terminates the program.

Copyright 2004-2005, Marek Jablonski. All rights reserved

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